“There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help other women” — Taylor Swift, a woman who has built a career by slut shaming women, publicly humiliating girls who ‘stole’ her exes, teaching women to not have sex because it will mean they are bad sluts, teaching women that their virginity is everything they have and losing it makes them bad sluts, teaching women that if the guy they like happens to like another woman then that woman is a bad slut, does nothing to help gay women, teaching women that wearing short skirts and high heels makes you a bad slut, teaching women that if they enjoy cheerleading or partying then they are a bad slut, teaching women that getting a boyfriend is the most important thing and should be their number one priority, teaching women that it’s totally acceptable to make a move on another women’s boyfriend if you love him, teaching women that it’s good to pathetically mock your ex boyfriend, quite aside from the fact that she doesn’t speak out about women’s rights or donate to women’s charities.  (via mrsmelchiorgabor)

I know that mom and dad think I’m mess.

isn’t it absolutely crazy that the person you are going to marry is somewhere in the world right now. they could be eating, sleeping, staring up at the same sky you do wondering who they are going to marry as well.


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Hide your husbands. Electra’s ready to wreck!


look whos still single in 2014